Thursday, May 19, 2005

Thy Sewer Runneth Over

I am conflicted by what happened, to say the least. On one hand, I wanted the budget to pass, and I did not want an election right now. On the other hand, we will have to put up with the Liberals a bit longer, but just a little bit, hopefully, then the next Liberal bill should fall and we could get rid of them, and Belinda along with them. The whole business with her leaves me with a sick feeling. It could be forgiven if her intent was purely for the country. If her actions hold it together, then it would fit in perfectly with the Machiavellian way of doing things, without morals or scruples. If it was just to gain power, then I guess we will all see her in Hell.

You have to feel for poor Peter MacKay, although he was clearly no babe in the political wilderness, he was apparently the last to know what was happening. She didn't even tell him when they had dinner on Sunday, how cruel and heartless was that? I think he could really use a vacation when this is all over.

So Harper is going to support the original budget right now. You think that would drive a wedge between the Liberals and the NDP, but apparently, one was already there. On Monday, I received some unsolicited mail from Jack Layton's office. It was just a form on cardboard stating that Martin is "no friend of public medicare" and gave me a couple of yes and no checkboxes to fill out, which I didn't, and don't intend to. The first question was to ask the government to stop "credit-card medicine" and the other was to hear about Layton's ideas of strengthening Medicare. Did anyone (or everyone) else get one?

Lastly, the STV vote failed by a slim margin in British Columbia. But Greg says that it's no great loss. The single-transferable vote is too complicated anyway, so apparently it's more of a victory than a loss.


Vincent Keating said...

Wow, I'm a member and didn't even get an email about that one. I really wish they'd be less gay about the way they frame the issues - there's a certain need for summing ideas up in a particular phrase, it just seems like the NDP aren't very good about it.

Looney Canuck said...

Except for Jack Layton maybe? I've heard quite a bit of talk about how good a speaker he is. Does anyone else in the NDP come close?

Vincent Keating said...

No, you're right -- Jack is a good speaker. The problem is the stuff they give him to say. I don't think it connects with the 10-15% or so Liberal swing voters that could be gotten if they retooled their message to address non-activists.

Looney Canuck said...

Until recently, I thought that the federal Liberal party was pretty much a propped-up corpse. I've come to realize that they still could get enough seats to maintain official party status when the next election comes, mostly from Ontario, and maybe from the East Coast, but they should be out of contention for at least a few elections after that.

My qualm about the NDP is that they are a bit too far to the Left and still has an uphill battle to gain widespread respectability, which they might get if they form the next official opposition and inch closer to the top prize, assuming still that the Liberals will still be the walking dead. I've been thinking about becoming a member of the Green party, because they are actually not as far to the Left as the NDP and don't have as spotty a history, as I may have indicated in a previous post.

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