Saturday, May 21, 2005

Advice To The Next Government

I keep wondering about that sordid mess about Belinda Stronach's defection. The question I would ask is "Is it a business thing, or a politics thing?" IMHO, it is much more of a business thing. In politics, loyalty is supposed to mean something, in business, people jump ship all the time and leave other people to clean up after their mess. Happens all the time, just one more reason why politics and Big Business should be kept some distance apart. We need someone like Theodore Roosevelt, who could bring corporations to heel. Anyone care to disagree?


Vincent Keating said...

Of couse it was a business thing, although the politics of it worked out nicely too. I assume she realized that she was never going to be the leader of the Conservatives, like Stephen Harper said, and decided to jump ship at an appropriate time into a party that she could become the leader of. You don't give up a multi-million dollar job just to be an MP -- I assume she'll run for the Liberal leadership once Martin is gone.

Looney Canuck said...

I cling to the naive believe that the Liberal Party will be trounced in the next election, but then again, probably not, because of Ontario. Still, if Stronach does suceed Martin, she may be in for a long wait. She'll be old and her looks will have long faded by the time the Liberals are electable outside of Ontario again, and thus won't be electable herself. I'm such a hopeless optamist.

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