Saturday, May 28, 2005

Some old news

It seems that Vox Poplar is back in the saddle again (see Politics - Centre). Bon retour.

A bit of bad news for the Green Party in Germany. It seems that their coalition with the ruling Social Democrats is over. I was hoping it would ultimately work, and be a force in this country; but as they say, never say "die", unless you're speaking German, which would be hard to avoid.

AA of BBB, among others, seem to have taken the boots to an article in the Globe & Mail, concerning what is a perceived infiltration by some of the more extreme Christian evangelical right-wing elements in the federal Conservative Party. Actually, I agree with most of Andrew's points, but there may be a threat south of the border. More on that later.

Kudos to the Quebec National Assembly, yes THAT Quebec National Assembly, for spiking the Sharia, by unanimous decision no less.

I was getting ready to criticize the people of Labrador for voting Liberal, and even the guy who won the seat, who is Metis, for running on the Liberal ticket. But at the end of this article, I realized why he did not run for the Conservatives. It's the exact same (and only) reason why I don't become a member of the Conservative party: Stephen Harper (the latest reasons are here).


RadicalReformer said...

I used to be a Tory, then I saw the light and ripped up my membership card.

I don't see any room for libertarians in that party whatsoever.

Looney Canuck said...

Before I comment on your post, I'd like to know a thing or two. I checked out your website, and I couldn't tell where you're from. Is it England, or Canada? Also, why wouldn't libertarians be allowed in the Conservative party? Thank you.

Anonymous said...
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Looney Canuck said...

Thank you so much for the heads-up, CA. I'll be sure to pass it on if I have a similar opportunity.

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