Friday, May 13, 2005

Les choses vous devez savoir

Have you read Polyscopique's May 9th post? It contains some interesting and important and important information from sources that matter (in the last part of the post). It should give anyone second thoughts about Quebec seperation.
I think that the fact that this site is run by Erik Sorenson throws a bit of cold water on the idea that the CBC is dominated by Liberals.

Oh, Winnie The Pooh (et al.), meet Peter Piper (you do like to dabble, don't you?). Two childhood of icons mine whom I know will get along famously. ;-)


Bluenose Dave said...

While I think the Parti Québecois numbers are overly optimistic, and that Polyscopique raises some valid caveats, there are two points that I think are difficult to gainsay:
1. Under Canada's constitution, the federal government has far greater leeway on taxation policy. An independent Québec would be able to use both direct and indirect taxation, whereas now all provinces are limited to direct taxes.
2. There's no good reason to think Québec could not be a viable state. It would be mid-ranking in size, with a modern economy, a well-developed infrastructure, an educated population, etc.
I think it's misguided to try to convince Québecois that they should stay in Canada because they could never make it alone. Clearly they could. The debate should be about why should they want to?

andrew said...

I think there is some confusion over economics and nationalism. Independence is not the same as solvency. Pour example:

Most powerful country in the world: USA

Most insolvent country in the world: USA

Quebec can be insolvent and independent, like 99% of the world's nations.

Looney Canuck said...

I concede that it is quite possible for Quebec to seperate, even with an enormous debt. Although I'm pretty sure that they would have a few lean years, like most of Latin America has had, after the few remaining positive economic influences of English Canada have left. I fear though that by the time the people of Quebec smarten up, it will be too late, for all of us.

PR said...

Sorenson runs that site? Cool!

Looney Canuck said...

No harm done Peter. I think the tone in my other comment may have been overly harsh. Must have been working too hard. Later dude.

Looney Canuck said...

I take it you're a fan of Mission Hill? It's a good show, is it still in production?

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