Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Breaking All The Rules

Boy did I get a response to my question in yesterday's post. When I first saw the press conference on CBC Newsworld, I had to say out loud, "UN*&$#%^BELIEVABLE". So Belinda Stronich has defected, in the worst possible way. I didn't even know about her and Peter MacKay. If that doesn't attract international interest, what could?

It seems, first of all, that the Liberals have new life in them, that's the bad news. The good news though is that the budget is more likely to pass, perhaps I'm biased that way because it is good for Nova Scotia, and that we will get some funds that were promised to us. However, I think that this is very, very bad politics, the shift is way too fast and too sudden. Ms. Stronich is still quite new to public office, and seems blissfully ignorant as to how politics is supposed to work, assuming of course, she meant to stay in the long haul, which she probably didn't anyway.

So why did she run for public office in the first place? Was it to serve the country as she says, or was it purely ego gratification and ambition, as Mr. Harper says. If her intentions were indeed pure, then she is going about it completely the wrong way. Loyalty to her party and her constituents should at least be a consideration. If she did have a problem with Harper's leadership, she should have just left the Conservative caucus and sat as an independent. She was simply wrong to join the Liberals, and more so to accept a cabinet position. It is an unethical shortcut to leadership which throws the democratic process into virtual chaos.

The only good that could come out of this is that the budget passes, the election is held off, but when the government should inevitably fall, the Liberals should be defeated and Martin and Stronich will be out of office forever. Neither of them are particularly competent politicians anyway. You have to feel for Peter MacKay though, for the political and personal turmoil he must be feeling now. I wonder if he will even be in the country for Thursday's vote.


Dana said...

Well the budget may be good for Nova Scotia but at the end of the day your vote is being bought with your own money.

That is the general problem with Canada. Every region has its price and it seems every region is more than willing to bend over backwards to get their share of the goodies.

Kruppe said...

Not ethical? Sort of like getting in bed with the separtists to bring down a government, all the while screaming 'Mr. Martin is just watching while his career swirls down the toilet'? (Harper)

Stronach's dad was a liberal, she herself was probably THE most moderate con in the party, and Harper is pushing yankee-style conservatism in Canada, so in that way it wasn't surprising at all.

The Great Pumpkin knows that the cons would've welcomed Pettiegrew or any other Lib. high-up if it was reversed... ambition is everything in politics, on both sides of the House.

Looney Canuck said...

Dana, I'm not sure if you could call the Atlantic Accord a bribe. The other stuff maybe, but there were certain offshore funds that rightfully belonged to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to begin with, and that we were already promised, and the accord was signed so that Martin could honor it, so it's a bit more complicated.

Kruppe, my point was that Stronach's actions cut through accepted parliamentary conventions. I wouldn't dismtss the possibility that the Conservatives would do the same thing, but the thing is, they are not the government right now, and thus cannot offer a cabinet post. The bottom line is that Stronach cannot be trusted. Cheating is one thing, but the completely unexpected nature of the defection should mean that she does not have a long career in public office ahead of her. There needs to be some semblance of order and trust.

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