Thursday, March 03, 2005

Reaching the summit ... or not?

First, a piece that you wouldn't expect from a conservative writer from down South. Fascinating.

Back here in the somewhat frozen North, Jim Elve's latest post reflects much of what I've been saying all along about partisan and party politics. On a deadly serious note though...

Check out this thread by Don from TalkCanada (sidebar: Other Blogs, because I'm still not sure where he stands; he could stick me in the Pro Bono section if he'd like) also on IMHO, it does sound like things are building up to a frenzied climax, and that the current Liberal government is trying to please all Canadians at the moment with his 5-year plan, probably because the federal government sees the inevitability of their mandate come crashing down once the hard facts of what the Chretien administration really did (which Martin would have been in the thick of as much as anyone) come out. This would appear to be a likely explanation for their last budget and their decision on BMD, because they don't have much of a future but want their last days to be remembered fondly.

On the positive side, maybe Canadians all over the country will get more involved, and 86 the dead wood from Ottawa. On the negative side, one huge stumbling block is the size of the nation with a proportionally small population, and the sheer distance in space between people as well as the differences between regions. We would probably have to rebuild from the ground up, which could take forever. Still, if the situation in Ottawa is as rotten as many fear, it needs to be exposed, and all the crimes punished. Assuming of course, the Gomery Commission does its job and any attempt at a cover-up is foiled.

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