Tuesday, March 22, 2005

As loathe as I am of writing about Ann Coulter, much less providing a link to an article of hers, see believes, just as I do, that liberalism is dead. BUT, she actually misses them! So for that reason, I want to repeat what I said about burying the old Left (being in an advanced state of decomposition and stinking up political discouse), and giving birth to a new Left. It is my sincere hope that it comes to pass, and quickly, so Ms. Coulter can get her raison d'etre back. ;)

About the CPC
From what I gathered, Peter MacKay was all hot and bothered about Stephen Harper going back on his promise. Just out of curiosity, what the #&*% was Peter MacKay thinking? Having broken his promise to David Orchard, he is actually suprised that the Alliance broke theirs??? Actually, I don't really understand what the issue was, or why I should care. Something about all ridings getting equal representation, no matter how many members or people are in it. This is an issue because ...?

The MSM is lauding the Conservatives for their apparent move to the Centre. If I were to take them on their word, I could live with them, I would even vote for them in the next election, but it seems to be a trend in recent years for politicians to promise one thing and basically flout what they had promised once they are elected ("Screw the Red Book"). Of course, almost all politicians break their promises, sooner rather than later, but it's done with such an attitude now, it's a wonder that anyone listens to them talk at all. There must be better ways to find out what they really stand for. As for the Tories move towards the Centre, I think that would put them a little left of the current Liberals. I have my doubts about their concilliatory attitude and of Stephen Harper himself.

Again, the post underneath this one has to do about me, so if you're not interested, feel free to skip it and go straight to the Friday the 11th post. I'll probably write posts like that around once or twice a year, but I do have my reasons for doing so. Back to Harper, I explain what I discovered about him in my December 28th post, and the short way there is to click on the link inside the comment I made on Sinister Thoughts' March 7th post (referenced on my Friday the 11th post).

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