Friday, March 11, 2005

Nor... uh ... what did you say your name was?

This is probably not really news anymore, but a well respected right-wing journalist has run afoul of bloggers, even right-wing ones, like Babbling Brooks and Kate. I'll respond to his pooh-poohs of blogging later.

A comment on the killing of the Mounties in Alberta, I left a comment (link provided to a previous post) on Sinister Thoughts' blog. The policies which I was alluding to from that book were about running police forces, both federal and municipal, like businesses. In other words, police for profit like a private business would. Does anyone see what is wrong with the whole idea of this? Anyone familiar with "Community-Based policing"? or "Police-Challenge 2000"

Lately, I have been reading a book by Paul Hellyer called The Evil Empire about the new wave of monetarism. He takes aim at Milton Friedman for what he believes to be an old-fashioned, purely laissez-faire approach to economics. Considering it was printed in 1998, much of what it says seems to ring true, and explains much of what neo-conservatives believe before the term became common. Does anyone know who or what I'm talking about? Feel free to answer, particularly if you are conservative, because I think that I've only been listening too much to the Left, and I crave balance. Toodles.


The Tiger said...

I am, relatively speaking, an economic illiterate, but I think that you and Hellyer were talking about the Chicago School of economics.

Need to learn more abut this when I'm at grad school.

I'm not opposed to further privatization, provided that we keep oversight. My high school economics teacher would make those arguments in class, and I was horrified by it at the time (like a good lefty), but I'm quite open to it now.

Looney Canuck said...

Sorry I've taken so long to respond, but here it is. Maybe it sounds a bit alarmist, but I dread the possibility of a corporate takeover of the world. Corporations (banks in particular), are accountable to governments in theory, but governments in recent decades seem to be handing over their power to these corporations. Governments may be lousy, but at least you can vote them out. I sometimes wonder where have all the Roosevelts gone (both Theodore and Franklin were able to bring corporations to heel)? It's getting to the point where the market will have no laws to govern them on the national or internatonal level. I believe that something needs to be done, because it is not really a question of corporations wanting more power, they always have. The real problem is governments in the West just letting them have it.

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