Monday, March 28, 2005

What's Your Hurry, Stephen?

My philosophy professor may have been right, according to Ben and Dean, among others. The Conservatives may bring down the government by using an amendment to the budget. He had mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, just when it was safe to believe that they were satisfied with the budget and would not try to force an election. While I do not object to bringing down the Liberals per se, the timing could not be worse.

Let's suppose an election is held a few months from now and the Conservatives win a majority, and they have confidence in their ability to run the country (justified or not) and can basically do whatever they want, because the masses just do not want another election for four years at least, and the Tories will believe, like the Liberals had for years, that no party can compete with them in the short or even long term; then we will have the same problem we have had for the last ten years: a ruling party that pretty much knows that they are "untouchable", and an electorate who feels that there are no real options, and this will most likely increase voter apathy.

What should the Tories do? First, they could at least wait until the Gomery inquiry wraps up, and if any serious revelations should come to light, the electorate would most likely to be ready and willing to throw the Liberals out anyway, and the Conservatives would probably win a majority. Even if no damning revelations come to light, the Grits currently have a minority government, and they will probably lose their support from the electorate if they are as corrupt and incompetent as most people think they are, the Tories would take office with a clear moral advantage, but would be more accountable to the electorate because there would be a stronger opposition (or just a better one, since the Libs will be where the Tories were in '93, and other parties could gain from it), and the people would believe in the system better.

I guess this all sounds terribly naive, that the parties are not just in it to get elected ASAP and wield as much power as they possible can, and the people can be made to take an interest in what happens in Ottawa. Also, considering that the Conservatives under Harper are far and away the best option we have, it's all so depressing. But what is the point in me writing? I am just another voice in the wilderness (sorry Timmy).

By The By...
I have started to include French blogs on my sidebar. It would be an exaggeration to say that I am fully bilingual (I can understand some) but I am willing to learn to be. One thing I would not include are seperatist blogs, except maybe for an occasional translated link. I would like to add: isn't it time we got rid of the Bloc Quebecois? I think that it is now safe to say that French Canadians are not above critism by any means.

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