Thursday, February 24, 2005


So how about that budget? So much good about it, but of course, you cannot please everyone. The main thing is, there should not be an election for a few months at least, because he was giving the Opposition much of what they wanted, just like Trudeau did in the early '70s. Perhaps after all those years of acting miserly, Martin is giving freely if not reluctantly. He can afford to do that at the moment, and it's probably cheaper than another election. My main reservation though, is the giving of tax breaks to Big Business, as much if not more than Harper would have wanted, well, they're mostly Martin's friends anyway.
Among the good points, first, he gave the military a desperately needed cash flow, more personnel and more equipment. Secondly, equalization payments, which are good if you're like me and live in one of the "have-not" provinces. What else? What else?

On Monday, just after my last entry, I attended a "Town Hall Debate" on Ballistic Missile Defense. Personally, I'm still trying to figure out if I should love it or hate it, but some interesting points were made. Afterward, I picked up some literature from the Council of Canadians, who I think are trying to set up a Halifax chapter. Is anyone reading this a member? Or are you like Rambo and still live in the wilds somewhere, and have no idea that the Cold War is over, and think that they are all just a bunch of commies? They also talked about the idea that government has proposed of investing old age pensions (in Canada presumably) into the American military-industrial complex. Well, at least Martin has ruled out helping Americans with BMD, or so he says anyway.

Cutthroat capitalism
Also, I picked up some interesting information about one of your favorite vices. Just something to think about the next time you're buying a case of the good stuff. Kinda throws water on the "War On Drugs" doesn't it? Still on "legitimate" business, does anyone else dread the concept of complete economic integration with the U.S.? I am not the most ardent nationalist mind you, but the idea creeps me out. Still on the subject...

Too many lattes? No, I just stumbled onto a couple of articles in this month's Wired magazine. One is by Wonkette, about good ol' Howard Stern, another interesting one is by a guy named Lawrence Lessig about politicians pandering to the whimsy of Big Business (no links, they're not hard to find). Enjoy, but keep in mind, I am in no way responsible what is in the articles I link or point out to you.

Who Dat!
Has anyone seen "Monarch of the Glen"? Is it any good? I ask because Tom Baker has apparently joined the cast (Good to see him working again). If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, feel free to skip this paragraph entirely. So he wasn't my favourite Doctor Who, but I was rather suprised by his picture on Mike Campbell's site. I didn't recognize him until I read the text underneath, but was somewhat suprised to see how much he had changed. He's not skinny anymore, and his hair is shorter and white, he could probably pass himself off as the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee (R.I.P) with some putty on his nose. Also, he has written a children's book which I'm halfway through (it's not for small children really) called "The Boy Who Kicked Pigs" which is as unpleasant as it sounds (pretty funny though), but I wouldn't recommend it to children around here, because the language is different. Who among us poor colonists has heard of "fluke mongers"?

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Mike said...

You got me pegged...I am a bit of an 'anything goes' sort of guy (as long as no one is getting hurt anyway)

Re: Cutthroat Capitalism
That link about Killer Coke is interesting...I thought Columbia had a different kind of coke problem. In fact, I read recently in Noam Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival that the war on drugs in Columbia was all about oil.
The hillsides where the coca plants are grown are rich with oil apparently but there are too many farms and villages in the way. The war on drugs justifies razing their crops and making the land unfarmable (is that a word?) Everyone moves into the city and the oil companies are free to move in and extract their Texas tea from the hillsides without any pesky complaints from the people.

Nice eh?

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