Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bad luck with drafts

A small oops for Bush-Blair. I thought that they could have waited, instead they jumped the gun in their search for WMD. But there's a ray of hope for the American people, they are starting to understand that they need to work with the world, not through it. And here's a different view on the American Dream, and why Americans should hope that people abroad believe in it. An explanation as to where the Left made a wrong turn, or who they are supposed to represent. My post was somewhat delayed, for the reasons stated in the title. A couple of things that I wanted to point out were that Opus the penguin is getting his first feature length film, but the circumstances under which it began are a bit auspicious. It will be bemade by CGI, which seems a bit dehumanizing. Hopefully it won't look too computerized. Also, CGI movies have crapped out. Unlike films like the Toy Story movies, the Shrek movies, and Finding Nemo, the one in current release, Shark Tale, is the first movie of it's kind that falls short, an explanation is too much star power.

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