Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Got game? Not anymore!

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for... for six years now? It's truly a sad day in Canada if you care anything about sports, but in a way it's almost a relief. The Expos franchise has been living on a few years of borrowed time anyway and it's almost a relief to see them go. No more anxious waiting and hoping to see if its fortunes will get any better. But look at where they're going. Washington D.C.! Out of the frying pan... Here's a modest proposal for Canadian cinema. From A & L, an inspirational portrait of a Russian writer, and a long post of the beginning of modernism as we know it, according to one man, another long post, which doesn't matter if you can't read it anyway, and the American government's report. One review of one person's explanation of the decline of journalistic standards (strangely no mention of Geraldo Rivera), and what was so great about Che Guevera anyway? One detractor's view. Any memories you would like to share about the Expos? Feel free to say so.

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