Thursday, September 02, 2004

School's in, next Tuesday

I'm registered for two courses this coming semester, and the next semester as well, and my mind is more ready than ever. It already feels like fall outside, and it wasn't even that good a summer. Oh well, 'tis time to begin anew. From Arts and Leters Daily, a roofing contractor in Brooklyn, NY makes a case against the gun lobby, not that he intended to, it's just that he was suprised with the ease with which he was able to acquire high-powered weapons and ship them to the former Yugoslavia, the appearance of impotence or indifference of world powers of Iran's quest to get the Bomb, and the often quotable Winston Churchill, a man whom I admire greatly, but with serious reservations. One of which is quite relevant at the present time, his opinion on Arabs and Iraq. So who the hell is Leo Strauss, and why does he have such a devout and powerful following? This is one man's unflattering opinion, and an ongoing saga of a tale of two countries, which increasingly seem to have more similarities than differences.

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