Thursday, September 23, 2004

Still in the pits

The school paper forgot to include the right link. Small details, I guess, so apparantly it's just me reading this for now. So I got to meet retired amateur boxer Rickey Anderson on Sunday at the Word On The Street Festival, where he was reading from a book he had written. Plenty of inspirational stuff in there. Also, I bought a bunch of things, like a new bag and T-shirt and a bunch of magazines. I don't know if I'll ever get around to reading them. Afterward, I walked up to Park Lane, where I saw some short documentaries. A couple of them affected me in a sort of personal way, one nearly put me to sleep. It was the one on bluegrass music here on the east coast. I don't wish to disrespect it in any way as an art form, it's just a little slow for my taste. The first two docs involved people with whom I am acquainted with. One was by someone who documented her grandmother's recovery from a fall, which showed her brothers who are local musicians, and the other one was about the "Jest In Time" troupe. One of them is a cousin of a cousin, and I saw one of their shows, but I must confess that I didn't get it. Tuesday, I went to some other short films. This time, they were not docs, well, a couple of mock-docs, one of which goofed on a certain Mr. MacIsaac, the other was an admittedly lame, cliche ridden short about a boy born with one eye in the centre. As for the others, one was a disturbing and surrealistic portrait of a family tragedy, ... and one which I can't really comment on because it involved some people I know personally. As to what's going online at the moment, first, an excerpt from Jon Stewart's new book. It's LOL without compromising history (not too badly anyway). John Kerry is taking a position and sticking to it, but the day is not over yet, George W. Bush's apparently pure intent, not compromised by facts, and just how bad of a waffler is Kerry anyway? Here is a back and forth memo between two scribes, one on either side. The speech W gave the other day was not as bad as last years'. On the other hand, a ray of hope, and an example hopefully others will follow.

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