Friday, October 22, 2004

I have an answer...

In my last post I wrote about that letter writing campaign by the British tabloid "The Guardian". I have a response to many of the critics of that, as well as their vulgarisms. This post on the politics section in BlogsCanada is about the voter apathy or flip-floppery (for lack of a better term) of the American electorate. I do not want to officially endorse either Bush or Kerry, but I would appreciate if more American people just got off their butts, make that small trip to the polling station and just VOTE! The apparent belief is that their vote does not count. In most cases in America, it's probably true, but if you are in one of those swing states, heck, even if you're not, you have the privilege that people abroad do not have, even though that small piece of paper pretty much determines the fate of the rest of us. Remember what happened in the last election? How close it was and what happened in Florida? How can we forget? If you are a voter in Florida, did you not feel an increased amount of importance? If it was not one vote that made the difference, it could have been one hundred or less. Even though you are just only one person, you were a part of something of earth moving significance. Look what had happened in Vermont not long after that. A single senator tipped the balance and took the majority away from the Republicans. In short, I want to respond to those simple-minded people who would tell me just to MYOB. We non-Americans do have a say, just not a direct say. It is our business in a sense that whom you decide who is going to be in the White House in the next four years will have repercussions for just about everyone in the world, no matter where they are. We cannot make you vote in whatever way we want or even make you vote. Speaking for myself, I would not want to, but my main concern is that you Americans keep your democracy and do not destroy it. If you are going to run the world I would much rather it be by a democracy. That's all about that. Here's a loosely related topic, a link related to consumerism.

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