Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Yeah, I know...

The focus on this blog has been more on American politics and American websites, seemingly betraying my subheading. Still, I feel transfixed to American politics, particularly the debate tonight. However, Parliament has started again, so there should be some news there, particularly with the navy. This is a leap of Orwellian logic by someone at Newsweek. It had me until he said that the U.S. has become the global "thought police". The U.S. is many things, and aspires to be other things, but IMHO, it cannot control world opinion. That's the last thing it's able to do and I could not find a solid link in the article. What do you think? A bit more sensible is this article by someone named Jonathan Alter. No, he does not have the Altercation blog, it's an easy enough mistake to make. What he says is what I have been saying privately for quite some time. Here's everything you always wanted to know about Dick Cheney, according to the Fifth Estate. It's usually a reliable news source, hopefully there are no mistakes and fallacies in reporting like what happened at CBS. Another matter of concern particularly for Americans, media literacy, as seen by two men, one of whom is a Jesuit priest. No, you can't dismiss what he has to say on that basis, he does have some deeply relevant things to say. Far and away, and closer to home, some things you should probably know about the sitting prime minister. Because the media here has been trying to bury this story.

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