Tuesday, October 19, 2004

So what's Bill been up to?

First, a relatively old link concerning avid coffee drinkers like me. Swiftly changing gears here, with mature subject and language warnings. What if I could change American politics singlehandedly, what if I could change even one swing voter? Would I have the right? I have no easy answer for that, but the British rag "The Guardian" is trying to do so. Something called Operation Clark County, where British people try to get the addresses of people living in Clark County, Ohio and try to dissuade people from voting for the current president. Today's Altercation contains some of the responses the publication and British people have received. Have I mentioned language warnings? (Note the most graphic prose comes from right-wing conservatives). Still on the subject of dirty right-wingers check out how Bill O'Reilly gets his kicks. You'll have to scroll down a bit, and you might want to check out the legal documents shown on the Smokinggun.com website contained therein. More on O'Reilly.

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