Monday, January 17, 2005

So who won last night?

Or for that matter, why does anyone care? I'm talking about the Golden Globes. A dubious award from a very secretive organization probably being run by someone named David Manning. Isn't it the Hollywood equivalent to professional wrestling? And still on the subject of ... what am I talking about? Dishonesty? So how about conservative commentators Armstrong Williams and Bill O'Reilly? I think this is Williams' first strike, but with the other guy, it's probably his third or fourth.

The Genesis War 

So where do you stand on the subject of where we came from? I have to admit, biosciences are not my specialty, but I do like to read up on it once in a while. On the subject of creationism, I say that it's possible, but the old Adam and Eve story is just one of many folk tales from different cultures trying to explain when and where the human race began. And about evolution, it is just another possibility. I would not be offended if the Missing Link was actually found and we were actually descended from apes, heck, I am willing to believe that we all started out as microbes in primordal soup, which is the conventional wisdom now. The thing is, we just don't know for sure. Darwin's theories are still just that. Theories. And the science is always changing. Most of what we know now may ultimately be proven wrong.

Local News

Judy Sgro has resigned, but apparently, her accuser is less than reputable. It's too early to say "Good riddance!"
Does anyone reading this watch French TV, even though like me, you only have high school French? There is this program on 7:30 ET Sunday nights on Radio-Canada called "...Et Dieu Crea LaFlaque", which is a computer animated news programme starring a Gerard LaFlaque, a fat, grumpy, middle-aged husband and father who interviews real personalities, both in CGI and in real life. As I said, my French is limited at best, but I still couldn't stop myself from laughing at times. It's sort of like Larry Sanders/Newsroom + Spitting Image (in a computer generated sort of way). It's really up on current events too, check it out.

Not for 30 and under

Don't you miss vinyl records? I do. This guy makes some really valid points. It does seem that in most cases, for everything gained, we lose something. It's one more reason I feel sorry for kids today. They don't experience art in any remotely pure form as we did. Don't I sould like an old fuddy-duddy? Not entirely, who misses 8-track tapes? Speaking of which, my father got an old-fashioned record player for Christmas. But on closer inspection, it does have some new features as well, and I bought him an old Catherine MacKinnon record that he used to have on 8-track. Again, who misses 8-tracks?

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