Friday, January 21, 2005

I don't like Januarys

Here on the East Coast, we've been hit with two snowstorms. Taking the bus can be a nightmare at the best of times, this week it's caused me unbearable stress. On the other hand, I have had more time to stay home and get things done.

So what is Bound by Gravity doing tomorrow? He'll be attending a planning session for the Conservative Party Policy convention in March. It does need a formalized party policy, which it apparently lacked in the last election. And I'll venture to say that the proposed CPC platform for aboriginal rights and self-government does look very reasonable (look under "Making Policy"), but I won't speculate as to whether it will be considered enough or not. Instead, I'll question whether or not it will be taken at all seriously, and if it is, will they scrap it as soon as they are elected, as both federal parties seem fond of doing? (examples in chronological order, Trudeau "Zap! You're frozen!", Mulroney "No Free Trade", Chretien-Martin "The Red Book") I allude to a link to an earlier post as to what party leader Stephen Harper and his power-behind-the-throne Tom Flanagan really feel about aboriginal rights. On a positive note, some good news for Labrador Innu. It seems to be easier to resolve land claims with people living in the frozen north, but progress is progress.

How many of you have seen the pictures on Steve Gillard's web site? I won't provide links to them, because they almost made me cry. I don't think that any proponent of the war would dare justify that sort of thing. I sincerely hope no one does.

So who saw Bush's inauguration speech. Did you see it condensed on The Daily Show? I think that the more people use certain words, like "freedom" and "liberty", the less meaning that they have.

Lastly, a word about the planned invasion of Iran. This will be the blow from which America will never recover, like Napoleon and Hitler's invasions of Russia. But no one should cheer that, it will bode horribly for the world to lose America as a superpower. That's my prediliction of doom for the day.

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