Sunday, January 30, 2005

About "The Fifth Estate"

Having watched the report called "Sticks and Stones", I can say that the CBC didn't really get it. It did appear biased in favor of leftists, simply because they didn't acknowledge the Left's role in slandering and shouting. While it's true that the Right runs most of the call-in shows, it did not indicate that the Left should watch what it says as well. Also, they focused too much on Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter, people whom I consider to fall short of sensible, rational thought. And what about Al Franken? Was he really crying over what they said? Those people will say just about anything for the sake of shock value. The only thing that disturbs me about Bill and Ann is that anyone takes them seriously, for or against. People like Franken should not be concerned with what people like that say, learn to respond with "whatever." People in general should learn to chill out about politics.

A Sinister Thought
On today's episode of "Gaywatch", we out a character from "Arthur". As far as conspiracy theories go, this is getting more and more far-fetched. I was willing to give them Tinky-Winky, but I'm starting to think they're getting way off-track.

On Iraq
I believe the conventional wisdom is for this experiment to fail, and fail horribly. It's my sincere hope that this does not end in disaster. It is just not sporting to take joy in its ultimate failure, assuming it does hit the fan. Pray to God it doesn't.
I don't believe that you can simply "give" people freedom, it has to be earned. Yet, it seemed to work in Japan after the war. Could someone explain that?

Here, Bush is making sense.

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Vox Poplar said...

I kind of view Anne Coulter as the Right's answer to Maureen Dowd, glib, sarcastic, but the op-ed equivalent of a caffeine free soda, lacking real buzz. I occassionally read her for the entertainment value of her acid tongue rather than any great revelations.

My problem with Bill O'Reilly, is that he knows that he's THE BILL O'REILLY, and he doesn't want anyone to forget it.

Typical of the CBC to ignore the more erudite and sharp minded voices on the right, while portraying the poor MSM as the victims. I think if they were to ever do a story that showed a conservative in a good light the whole CBC HQ in Toronto would collapse in on itself as a giant cosmic paradox.

I missed the report itself, so I don't know who else they may have talked to. Did the interview the recent converts like Trotskyite/Bushie Christopher Hitchens, or did they ignore him in hope that he would go away?

By the way good blog.

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