Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Egad! What A Week!

I spent the last 3 days at my parents' place. I just intended to stay there overnight Saturday but as many of you know, we on the East coast were hit by our third snowstorm in less than a week. Even when we had "White Juan" last year, I think it was just two snowstorms.

Here is an interesting (4-part) article by Fareed Zakaria in this week's Newsweek, concerning the increasing likelihood that Bush Inc. is going to be smacked in the face by gravity eventually, and another article worth checking out about alternative lifestyles, sorry, not that.

I would agree with Bob and Dana that Paul Martin is overrated as far as managing the nation's finances, though I'm sure we would disagree in what ways.

Off topic entirely, you gotta love Dr. Seuss.

Still OT, more on Creationism.

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