Monday, April 11, 2005

Open Up And Say ... AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what would a dentist from Thousand Oaks (in the Bay area), California care about Canadian politics? Plenty it seems, particularly when it comes to socialized medicine. But in the last week, he's been writing about the publication ban that we had for a few days and the controversy surrounding the Captain's Quarters blog (beginning here). You may not know him now, but there is a good chance he has a link to your site. This guy writes at least one page every day, I wonder where he finds the time.

An Extreme Case Of The Drapes Clashing With The Carpet
So this is the guy that Bush appointed for America's representative at the UN, and according to some people, his nomination was out of spite. He seems to represent most of the American stereotypes. While I do not condone plain-and-simple America-bashing, those stereotypes, as any commonly held beliefs, have some basis in truth somewhere. The American government does have a somewhat deserved reputation for being overbearing and judging other nations by their own standards, and while it showed some improvement after the Cold War ended, it took off again in the current administration.

I am willing to cut the Americans some slack, because they still represent democracy and freedom and are after all the most powerful nation on Earth, Bush's appointintment of Wiggy "John" Bolton does seem to give the message not just to the UN but to all other nations and basically everybody that it's either our way or nothing, and if you don't like it, then keep your trap shut! This does seem to fit in well with the neo-con's evangelical agenda of running the whole world by their own rules, with or without the UN. What words come to mind right now... geocentric, ethnocentric, well, you get the idea.

Mon Dieu! C'est une anomalie!!
Finally, here is an unlikely combination. These are French Conservative Libertarian Quebeckers and they have a webzine called QuebecLibre (see sidebar). Do not let the name throw you, they do NOT favor Quebec seperation. Where have these people been hiding? They do lean a bit far to the right, but these are people I would be honored to work with.


Flap said...

Thanks for the kind comments.

I usually write early in the morning, late at night and even between patients (my trusty laptop at my side).

The Canadian Adscam scandel has fascinated me and has brought me in contact with many Canadians - many who have become good friends.

Thanks again,


Looney Canuck said...

You're quite welcome. It's a bit of an ego boost to be noticed from far away. More importantly though, it is nice in a way that Canadian politics is being noticed abroad, since it has long been considered to be so deadly dull, even here at home.

If any good is going to come out of this, it's that people are going to become less apathetic and get involved.

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