Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Old Order Is Crashing Down!

OOOOOOOOH, THE SUSPENSE. So what did make Jean Brault break down and cry? I guess we'll find out at the trial. But then, who that is interested in politics at all not try to find out about the horrible secrets that were let out of the bag? And who among them could sit on a jury? I think that I'm one of those people who will try to find out what they are when (or if) the story should break internationally, so I would probably have to rule myself out of the last question. Also, this may make Canadian politics interesting, even outside of Canada. That would be a monumental achievement.

Back to the books
I have almost finished reading this book by Tommy Schnurmacher called "Canada Is Not A Real Country" which he wrote soon after the 1995 Referendum. Mr. Schnurmacher is a columninst for the West Island portal and has his own talk show on CJAD in Montreal from 9am to 12pm local time. Even if this guy turns out to be a pro-Bush conservative, I will not hold that against him. I really like his book so far, where he gives out advice which our federal government should have heeded, but continued to do what it had been doing, which was basically to beg and plead with Quebec separatists to stay in Canada, and as it turned out with the Sponsorship Program, tried bribe them.

The advice he offers is basically not to coddle and beg for mercy from the separatists, and instead, fight them, tooth and nail. Refuse to cooperate with them as they have refused to cooperate with us, in fact, stop letting them get away with everything and basically run our government, which they have been pretty much doing for years now. For this reason alone, we should get rid of the current Liberal government as soon as we have the opportunity to do so. I would much rather have the Conservatives in office, even though I have reservations about Harper, slapping down the seperatist movement is long overdue.

This country is in trouble, and one of the main causes is Quebec separatism. It's time to basically put aside our differences and try to save this country. Schnurmacher is a little more rabid about it than I am, but I would be happy to work with people like him.

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