Friday, April 29, 2005

"I Dare You To Vote For Us"

So it looks like we're getting an election sooner rather than later. As I tried to explain to Ben in my last post, it's like the two main parties are in effect saying the title of this post. From the Right, Before Dawn has just about had it with Stephen Harper.

... and THEM
I caught a bit of George W. Bush's speech last night, and he really stands by Wiggy "John" Bolton as their representative at the United Nations. He also said that he believes in the UN. So what are we to make of that? Does he want to save the UN, or does he want to destroy it? Forgetting much of what I've learned and written about him so far, maybe he is just what they need. More likely, it could be part of a neo-con design to make the UN a rubber stamp, a puppet organization that would act solely for the US government under the facade of international law. That would be a worst case scenario, I would much rather see them destroy the UN than to have that happen.


Mike said...

Bush plans to either destroy the UN or ensure it follows American interests. The man doesn't have the resources to fight the fights he wants to fight, without the UN or other countries' armies. John Bolton is just the man to screw things up just the right amount.

Looney Canuck said...

So you understand my point. Good for you.

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