Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Que sera sera

The blogiverse (?) seems to really be busy today. The Truth Laid Bear site is down, Unfortunately, as I write this, I seem to have little audience. Then again, I still have to explain to most people I meet what a "blog" is.

Here's a couple of columns by Greg Weston. The first is an open letter to Alfonso Gagliano in response to his own, the other is an even more personal ode to Sheila Copps.

To the inevitable...
My prediction, the election system being what it is, is that Dubya will win again. It won't be as close as before, but the majority will not rule. We will hear the word "gerrymandering" a lot. Pray that I'm wrong, and also that there won't be lawyers involved as in the last election.
I don't think that I'll feel any safer no matter who wins, but if Bush wins again, I predict that America will still be far and away the richest and most powerful country in the world, even though it will be fiscally insolvent. The time will be just right for revolution. How many predictions so far? What percentage will be proven right? I'll have to keep track of that.

If there's any good news about today, it's this, and that.

I'm going home now. Bye!

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