Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's not the end of the world ... yet?

So much to talk about today. The obvious thing is to start with the election. The American people have spoken. Personally, I thought that the government needed to be changed, but a slight but undisputed majority disagreed. There won't be any of that killer suspense this time. So as to yesterday's prophecies, how many did I get right?
  • Bush will win again --- right
  • It won't be as close as before --- right
  • The majority will not rule --- wrong
  • Charges of "gerrymandering" --- apparently wrong
I'm batting about .500 at the moment. The other set of predictions are for the long term, at the end of his second term, he will end up almost universally hated, as Mulroney was here.

I don't know if Kerry could have done any better, or any different. However, I would like to address any Democrats reading this. My advice is, take the high road, even when, particularly when the Republicans are being poor sports. You'll get some much needed moral points back.

My advice to Bush and Co.: if you care even a bit, you'd better make election reform an important topic, you can start by trashing that ridiculous Electoral College. And you can take some lessons from the Mexicans.

I'm only going to say this once...

Back to the Dems, and to all people living abroad, should my long-term predictions come to pass, we could all say to those of whom voted for Bush's second term,

"You voted for him, we didn't!"

On the other hand, a bit of good news. A tiny bit I think, although they could do better...

Back at the home front

What can you say about Immigration Minister Judy Sgro? More importantly, what is her problem? It's not like there's whole villages hiding out in church basements. The immigration department appears to be near broken, and in desperate need of fixing.

So Dalhousie University has cloned some fruit flies. I wonder, was that a one-time fluke like Dolly the sheep, and more importantly, will it lead to anything?

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