Friday, November 05, 2004


So what did I learn in school today? What one person believes is the main theme of Christianity. I should have known this having grown up Catholic. But in short, here they are:
  • Everybody has limitations
  • Be humble
So off the top of your head, who does this NOT sound like? Hint: there's a 'W' in his name. There was a faint hope on my part that Bush will not continue as he has been going, but this article by the Globe and Mail doesn't sound hopeful. OK, so he may re-instate the draft. But even then, his resources are increasingly limited, and he won't let little things like facts stand in his way. He can flex all the military muscle he wants, but he cannot and will not win anyone over with brute force. Weakness and exhaustion will happen eventually. God help us.

Here at home
How stupid is this? Public servants being ordered to undergo French immersion training just before they retire? I actually agree with it when you're younger. But truly, what good is it when you're retiring?! Complete waste of time and money.

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