Thursday, September 08, 2005

So What's So Hard About It?

Guess what, I've gone GREEN! I'm now an official member of the Green Party of Canada, basically because I don't much care for the other parties. The Liberals with their long-term institutionalized rot, the Conservatives under Harper (making promises it seems, even accusing the Libs of being soft on Americans! Really, what do you think would happen once the neo-Tories are elected?) And the NDP? Frankly, I think that they need more of an image makeover than Stephen Harper does (even some liberals think that they're too out there).

I think of the Green Party as a bit of a moderating influence, with a different vision, but not necessarily all-environmental. As I may have mentioned before, they are a long shot, but I've seen encouraging signs from quite a few people on the blogosphere (like Jim Elve and James Bow who have also become members). And I think that their fortunes can only get better, even though one of the next steps is to get someone a seat in Parliament. Yes, I'm thinking long-term, but I believe that the Green Party is going to leave its mark somehow.


James Bow said...

Congratulations, and welcome aboard. I'm not a Green Party member (yet), but right now they have my vote.

talk talk talk said...

I don't agree that the NDP need an image makeover. Aside from the fact that they already made it, they're also the only party in the last year to have kept their eye on the ball: the Canadian public wanted the Liberals to govern, not to watch the parties bicker endlessly.

Having said that, I'd like to see the Green Party get a few members voted in and shake up the House!

Looney Canuck said...

Thank you James. And as for your last sentence talk talk talk, hear hear hear.

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