Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Buddy, Can You Spare Me A Cabinet Post?

Did all of you catch "The National" yesterday? If you didn't, you missed a fascinating piece on Gurmant Grewal, some of the dealings that he's had in the past, and what those who were close to him think of him now. Couldn't find any links about that story, but I remember a couple of Sikhs in the Vancouver area say that Grewal is finished in the Sikh community.

In my last post I asked how the tape was edited. What I should have asked was "is there an original copy? And if so, was it tampered with?" The answers should have been "yes" and "no" respectively, but as a result of last night's telecast, I am ready to believe the worst in Grewal, that he did have his hand out, and only turned over the tapes after he did not get the deal he wanted. Assuming though, that he did approach Murphy and Donsanjh first, it does not in any way allieviate their guilt, and they should either resign from their jobs, their party, and/or be brought up on corruption related charges. And also, Grewal should resign from the Conservative caucus, but I doubt that any resignations are soon forthcoming. But right now, I'm going to read "Buckets of Grewal" (in the BANPC, it started recently, but his posts are long and detailed).


Rick Barnes said...


I saw the story. He would be finished in the Sikh community for sure. Ujjal is respected there, though does not come out as a saint in this.


Looney Canuck said...

I guess that Dossanjh has not had the same dealings with the Sikhs as Grewal had, but at the very least he should resign his seat if the allegations prove to be true.

DazzlinDino said...

Don't you find it funny how the left is so fast to nail grewel (I don't like it either), but then turn and say Belinda's made her decision on premice of concience?

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