Monday, July 19, 2004

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Spent last night at Mom and Dad's. Did a little socializing (probably too good a word for it) at Boston Pizza. Just drank a large mug of beer and played video games (not VLTs, haven't touched those in 5 years.

Today, I delivered a couple of letters, had some coffee and a samosa at a new fair trade place on Barrington Street. It's a good day to be indoors. Have more business to take care of in the city. I just learned today that I can be as bold as I want, as long as I'm not disappointed or crumble like a card castle. It's not enough I have to pretend, I have to and can not look let down. Be stoic and indifferent. Whatever, big deal!

What's still there right now, some book reviews, beginning with: a bit of left-wing sanctimony, a normally cool-headed right winger loses it, a review by Terry Eagleton on the seeming compatibility of fascism and capitalism, a mostly good book about how "The war to end all wars" still affects us today, and a bad polemic from someone whom you can't tell which side he's on anyway.

Here's a convincing argument as to why the continent of Africa is still going south. And some optimism, or is it manicness?

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