Tuesday, March 30, 2004

After midnight

I've got a tonne of catching up to do. I have to read at least "Hearts of Darkness" and get started on my Poli-Sci essay. I spent much of the night reading something about the United Nations that started to arouse my suspicions. Then I saw that the domain name was sovereignty.com. According to that school of thought, THEY are all out to get us, that is, the people who support global governance. It's all a socialist plot, you're either with us, or your with them. George W. put it best.

I don't know if the Journal (the school paper) is going to publish my opinion piece (which did). If they do, it probably wouldn't be widely noticed, although it might get some almost violent reactions from the anti-American crowd. If there's one thing I want that article to accomplish, it's to stop people from being so anti-American, and to stop Americans from thinking that everyone is out to get them, although we should still maintain our right to disagree with them on major issues.

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