Thursday, October 03, 2013

Happy (admittedly belated) Blasphemy Day!

One of the great things about living in Canada is that you can be accused of saying something blasphemous and not be arrested for it (a slight chance of getting assaulted if you insult the wrong religion, but still slight). I am not an atheist, but also not easily offended. I would like to think that most of the Western world is the same way, but if enough religious people get worked up enough, nowhere is safe, in what should be free societies.

I just stumbled onto something, Canada actually does have a blasphemy law. One can only assume that it is dated from around the time Canada became a country, maybe even before that. Most European countries likely had blasphemy laws dating back to the Middle Ages, were meant only for Christian religions, and may still have them on the books. However, like Canada, most of them have never gotten around to repealing them or saw any urgent need to do so. They all may want to consider doing so, because the people who want to prosecute others with these laws are not likely to be Christian anymore.

Back to my original point, this sort of thing needs to be dealt with clearly and resolutely. No minority (or non-minority) should assume that their own laws (religious laws particularly) apply abroad. I still like the idea of multiculturalism but it is one of those good ideas that ultimately goes too far. There should be some set boundaries as to what concessions we should make, and they should be expected to give up some things in their new country. The main idea behind it is "give and take" and not to move in and "try to take charge of the entire sandbox".

Just sayin'.

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