Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Lost Cause

The start of my activism in autism-related issues began in the middle of 2005 when I conceived of my newsletter (which gave up to someone else for a while before I took it over again this year) when I picked up a copy of RollingStone that had an article in it by Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. (the infamous "Deadly Immunity", no link). I did not know what to make of it at first, but that was before I had weighed the issues and developed an understanding how science works (these two posts help explain what I'm talking about).

Well, eight years later, he's still at it. And he's doubling down on his Big Pharma conspiracy theories. Yes, they're all out to get us. This is bad science from a liberal perspective, and he's far from alone in this. People are listening, withholding vaccines from their children (the unfounded fear of getting autism being just one reason), and they are all paying the price for it. Certain diseases may come back stronger than ever, and still people like RFK Jr. won't believe that they themselves are the cause of the suffering and death that have happened and most likely will happen if his way of thinking is still taken seriously by too many gullible people.

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