Saturday, December 31, 2011

The State of the Sciences

I believe I'm finally ready to start blogging again. No, for real this time. Although I am thinking about a slight change of 'format' for lack of a better term. The subheading has changed only once or twice since I started, at least since I graduated, and drifted away from academia, been going through 'stuff', but then again, haven't we all.

I'm ready to drift back, but in a different direction. Whether I have said so before or not, I'll say it here. Science was never my favourite subject, I only took it growing up as an academic requirement, but I'm happy that I did. I graduated with a Political 'Science' major in university, but it never struck me as an actual 'science', because of its inexact nature. I heard that they are going to change the name to 'Political' something else, don't know how much truth is in it, but if they do, I'd say it's about time. It is in the Arts faculty after all.

However, I also spent five years editing that newsletter which is still operated out of Autism Nova Scotia (the erstwhile Provincial Autism Centre), and took a keen interest in science in the treatment of autistic people, both children and adults. I was not a science illiterate going into it, but I had much to learn about how science works. And I was in the middle of my studies at Saint Mary's University, so combine those two factors, and I acquired some knowledge about peer-review and academic ethics, among other things.

So what is the point of everything I have written here? Simply, this blog is going to take a keener eye on the state of the sciences, focusing in particular on autism and Anthropomorphic Global Warming, which I am still convinced is real, in spite of all the noise, snark, and alleged 'Climategates'. Of course, I'm not saying that there is ANY kind of link between autism and AGW, but if there is any bad science, no matter which side of the issue I'm predisposed to, I will help expose it. I do not claim to know for certain if AGW is real or not, but I am willing to risk being on the side that is ultimately proven wrong. By all means, engage me, that is why the comments section is open here (unless otherwise indicated in a particular post). I still intend to have a solid foothold on politics, but will try to untangle the mess between partisan politics and the sciences.

I find myself often despairing about the current state of the world, don't know if it's the time of year, pre- or post-Christmas blues, S.A.D., or just me. However, I would like to start off the new year on a happy note, courtesy of the Christian Science Monitor.* Happy 2012 everyone!

*Link corrected 2 January

Addendum:  Just decided to link to the other four articles, the one right above is Part One.  Here is Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, and Part Five. Feel free to distribute this post.

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