Monday, July 11, 2011

Global warming made visible

Something I stumbled upon the other day which made global warming a little bit more real. Now before you say that either I am just another gullible dupe who has fallen for an elaborate fraud by rogue scientists in league with the U.N. and tyrannical governments to take over the free world and take away all of our money and property, or worse, in league with them..., I'll just have to give you my word that if there actually is such a nefarious conspiracy, I have absolutely no part of it and that if there is such a global plot, I would be outraged as many of you already are, assuming that it is fraudulent science.

If I were to go halfway with you, that the U.N. is plotting some kind of world government tyranny, I would happily risk it assuming that global warming is real. Understand me correctly though, I would never be in favour of such a government, and I would take up arms against the U.N. if it should come to that, but I think that it would be folly on their part to even try. How COULD the U.N. enforce its will on everyone in the world? How much manpower, air and naval power does it have? Certainly it has more military strength than the Vatican, but can you really imagine a Blue Helmet invasion of any country? Does the U.N. have the resources to make its own artillery? I am inclined to answer no to all of these questions, because the U.N. as it stands is pretty weak right now.

It has always seemed to lack an executive function, even if it were to get a lot more prestige, it would still be limited in its ability to enforce its will on most nations because of the perpetual stalemate of the five members of the permanent Security Council. So I may be a gullible dupe for believing this and not believing that, but if serious attempts to slow down or reverse global warming turn out to be based on widespread fraud, such mistakes can be reversed with relative ease and quickness. If it turns out that the science is right and we do not act, such mistakes could take millenia or longer to correct.

So anyway, the page that I was referring to in the beginning contains something called a "Climate Time Machine". It has a map of the entire Earth with four boxes at the bottom which enable the user to move through the months/years of colour-coded measurements of things like carbon emissions and global temperatures since they started measuring the latter in the late 19th century. To me, it illustrates the difference between weather and climate, but go ahead and start picking it apart. Feel free to send me proof that it is all wrong, I'm liable to believe anything.

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