Sunday, July 10, 2011

Did anyone catch that repeat of "The Hour" on Friday night?

The "special guest" on that episode (originally broadcast in May I believe) was none other than Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt. I cannot say that I have ever been a fan of his, I have never had a look in any of his magazines, but I think that all I've had in common with him is the belief in free speech. After watching that interview, I would like to say that we have less in common than I thought. At first, he did seem to have an awakening of conscience in regard to some of his earlier depictions of rape and cartoons about child molesters, but it was around the end of the interview when Sarah Palin was brought up, and he started trashing her as you would expect, but it was about her decision not to abort her youngest son Trig, who has Down's Syndrome.

He would go on at length about how handicapped children are such a drain on our financial resources! I'm pretty sure that I heard some gasps and groans in the audience, and at this point, I would like to give George Stroumboulopoulos some props for countering that offensive argument by saying that everyone has something to contribute no matter what they look like or what their handicaps are. Again I do not recall the exact words spoken, and the interview on the CBC website cut that last bit out of the interview (no link).

So, should we be angry about this? However one may feel about abortion in general, if it were anyone but Larry Flynt, there would be a media firestorm, people would call for a boycott of whatever it is he's selling. But since this is a famous smut peddler, it just slipped under the media's radar. And you know what, it should have. He is just not worth the time and energy to be mad at, we should all just shun him, and let him crawl back into the sewer.

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