Tuesday, June 07, 2011

How about Citizenship and Immigration Canada? I have had questions about how it's been run for quite some time, but this case hits a little too close to home:

I first heard of this on the evening news last night about this South Korean family who moved to Moncton 8 years ago, opened a convenience store, and have now been told to go back to Korea by the end of this month, because of the medical expenses of their younger son who has autism and epilepsy. I first became infuriated with the CIC a few years ago when they ordered a North Korean defector to go back from where he had to escape for his life because he was accused to saying something bad about "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il, which I don't think is much of an exaggeration to say that is a capital offense there. He was ordered back there because of crimes that he allegedly committed by being a member of the communist regime there, but he was never accused of anything specific.

This I think is even worse, because the Maeng family did not try to hide their son's condition. If the CIC thought that it was going to be a problem, they should not have let them in in the first place, instead of letting the kids grow up here, only to tear them away from the place they grew up, particularly affecting the young man with autism, letting them start a business, and filling them with false hope.

It should be questioned that if they were not self-employed and had full-time jobs with benefits, this would not be an issue, and they could get full citizenship with no trouble. The bottom line here is that this is hardly a new problem, and we certainly should not blame this on Stephen Harper. The CIC has been incompetently run for a long time, probably for decades. I do not have much faith in Mr. Harper, but if he can make the Maeng family stay, and make some much needed improvements in the way the CIC is run, he may just make a believer out of me yet.

Update: Here's a petition.

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