Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The news as it relates to me

I had the privilege yesterday morning to attend a press conference at my old workplace, where a couple of cabinet ministers and Premier Darrell Dexter announced the action they were going to take in response to the 53 recommendations made in the report from the Autism Management Advisory Team (it's 142 pages in the PDF format). I was struck by the fact that the 53 items were not mentioned specifically, but it does seem to be a good thing that they are doubling the budget for EIBI services (even though I have some reservations about it, such as it may not be a perfect fit for all autistic children) and getting rid of that 'lottery' in which half of children do not get it at all. The following pictures are from my own pocket Panasonic:
The Hon. Maureen MacDonald, Minister of Health
The Hon. Premier Dexter holding up the Autism Spectrum Disorder Action Plan

The Minister of Emergency Management Ross Landry also announced that the federal government has contributed $273 000 toward Project Lifesaver, which sets up a new surveillance and tracking system to make it easier for Search and Rescue teams to locate people with autism or conditions like Alzheimer's disease who have a tendency to wander off and get lost.
The Hon. Ross Landry, Minister of Emergency Management
I have not had much time to go over the ASD Action Plan (only 16 pages, PDF format). I just skimmed over it and it does seem to mention services for adults, despite what I said yesterday, I just did not get it from the speakers themselves. I'll comment on it when I've had time to go through it thoroughly.

Still on the subject of the Provincial Autism Centre, there was a report on Global TV last night about the work program that the PAC has. A couple of good friends of mine are featured. Which reminds me, I need to update my resume.

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