Sunday, April 03, 2011

Limits to conservative coldness

I linked to this blog post by Ed Morrissey regarding the murder of 10 United Nations workers by a mob in Afghanistan protesting the burning of a Qu'ran in a Florida church (the latest), looking for someone to make light of their deaths. Apparently, I underestimated them. No one did, much less congratulated Messrs. Sapp and Jones. There weren't even any trolls as of this posting. If it is moderated, way to keep it tasteful Mr. Morrissey. More to the point, not all of them agreed with Pastor Jones, some of them even insulted him, and spoke out against the burning of any book.

I would also like to propose a deal to Muslims everywhere. If you do not condemn and hold the entire West responsible for the actions of an ignorant few, we will not hold all Muslims responsible for the deaths caused by enraged mobs against Westerners and each other half a world away. It seems like a stacked deal to me, what do you think?

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