Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Great Was Ayn Rand, Anyway?!

I was first introduced to this old woman years ago in a Frantics sketch for radio. They mentioned "Atlas Shrugged" and read a passage from it. Years later, I bought a copy of it at Coles, alongside a wrestling magazine (always had varied tastes). I only read halfway through the former (didn't have patience at the time for 1000+ pages). Much of what she says makes sense, one can learn a thing or two. Now a movie has been released. The first of a two-parter, and I could see it if I wanted without worrying about spoilers. After some consideration, I will just add the other half of AS to my list of must-reads. When the movie(s) come out on video, I may just consider watching them then. If this post on Wonkette is close enough to being true, I will make an effort to avoid throwing any money to this movement, which seems to be largely inspired by Ms. Rand. Her inspired selfishness came from an admiration of a sadistic child-killer. She has come to represent everything that is wrong with neo-liberalism today. As much as I've come to sympathize with capitalists, she is too much.

As for the Frantics, I'm going to see if they have that sketch somewhere online. I just downloaded "Boot to the Head" from iTunes a little while ago, and so far it has not included any female roles, as that sketch did. They were great on CBC radio, but in my opinion, their transition to TV left something to be desired. It was only sporadically funny in comparison (and the pacing was different), but they were only on TV for one season. They would have likely improved in the second season, if CBC TV had granted them one.

More on Ayn Rand from Slate.

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Atlanta Roofing said...

My guess is that the people giving bogus arguments for costly value transfers in real life simply don't intuitively engage with abstractions, and thus don't intuitively believe the world to changeable, or really, even to exist apart from their life experiences.

The name "Objectivism" is apt, as it is criticizing people who don't believe in a real world outside of their sight that their phrases reference, but only in the people they currently see and in rituals by which they act to protect and expand what they see as their interests.

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