Friday, April 29, 2011

The Day The Earth Stood Still, not the movie

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Nah, don't bother. THERE IS NO ESCAPE! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!! Probably, but I will attempt the impossible, and avoid at ANY cost coverage of that, well, event that I need not bother speaking its name. Seriously, can one avoid going offline and not watch TV news for one whole day? I will only consider watching it in the event that anything goes wrong, but if it all goes according to plan, great. I'll say right here that I wish Will and Kate well. You cannot do worse than his parents. I remember that the teacher of my junior high social studies class (1985 at the latest) told us that Charles and Diana's marriage was arranged. It seems now that many people in the Royal family knew that it would end in disaster. There seems to be little coercion here though.

This, need it even be said, is going to dominate the news tomorrow in the English speaking world (note, if your page keeps switching to the main Yahoo! search page, try block any scripts coming from, and likely every nation that still has a monarchy. What's more, it is the first wedding of its kind in the digital age. Remember how some sites crashed when Michael Jackson died? That should pale in comparison, pardon the pun. The Royals still carry a big stick tens of thousands of miles away, not wanting this 'solemn' occasion being mocked by any of its colonies. Ah well, if anyone asks me today if I saw any part of it, I'll just say truthfully that no, I made a point of not seeing any part of it, and see how they react. I'll only be checking my e-mail tomorrow, but if anything actually newsworthy happens, I'll find out about it on Saturday, assuming that we still have an Internet. Will anyone even see this post? It may have been a complete waste of my time. Crap!

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