Saturday, April 16, 2011

The denouement is at hand, or is it?

It is high time I weighed in on the election, but I do not have much to say that is positive. I do not consider myself a liberal anymore, I'm more sympathetic to George Grant's worldview. Having said that, I dread the prospect of a Stephen Harper majority, I'm in the 'anyone but him' category. I'm not sure if Michael Ignatieff is 'ready for prime time' yet (or the whole Liberal Party for that matter), but they are the only two realistic chances we have.

Of course we have heard it all before, 'vote for this guy, and it's the end of Canada as we know it!'. We have probably heard that in every election. I could be wrong, like many other Canadians, again. But do we really want someone who breaks all the rules of Parliament with impunity? Who disrespects science, and basically tries to squelch all opinions other than his own? I can only suppose that we get the kind of democracy that we ask for, which is better than having none at all, which brings me to my other point.

You should check out thoughtundermined's blog about how the electoral process works. He may be a bit partial for Alternative Voting (that's what's being decided in England right now), but I'm in full agreement that the First-Past-The-Post system bites. This post contains two videos, the second one is a little easier to understand. It shows how undemocratic the two-party (and in our case, two-and-a-half [and the BQ]) system is. It's like all we have to choose from is the 'Bad' party and the 'Worse' party, even more so in the States. It would be nice if there was another serious contender (like here in Nova Scotia now).

This sort of thing has been building up for decades. There can be one of two possible outcomes. Either Harper succeeds in usurping the democratic process, or enough people try to overhaul the entire system, which we as a people do not seem to have much of a history of doing. Or am I wrong? Perhaps Christopher Moore can set me straight.


Radical Centrist said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm a she, not a he (not that it matters that much), and it's not that I'm particularly fond of AV (I'd prefer STV), it's just that I mostly blog about politics in the UK because politics in Canada rather disgusts me these days. When the UK opted for a coalition government last year, that completely revived my interest in politics and got me blogging again. Also, my job doesn't really allow me to comment about politics in Canada except in a very, very general way, so it's easier to blog about the UK.

Danny Melvin said...

Thank you, Ms. I might find myself in that position myself before too long.

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