Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthers, the search for truth, and other opposites

I tried to stop myself looking at this issue for as long as I could. Just could not believe that this is a serious issue, yet people are still talking about it. You get the feeling that even if a videotape existed of Barack Obama being born in Honolulu with his father present for it, the kneejerk reaction would be to insist that it is a forgery, part of some kind of widespread conspiracy to get someone elected president who was not eligible. So much time and energy has been wasted on this issue, which should go without saying that this is a partisan thing. Has anyone seen any Democrat birthers? For what it's worth, a 'likely story' from CNN about Obama's birth certificate, but of course, the birthers will never be satisfied, they already 'know' what the 'real' truth is.

And now we have Donald Trump come out as one of them, and now he is running for president for 2012. Funny how you think that you think you know someone from television, news and movies, but when they run for public office, their entire lives, every sordid detail, are laid out for everyone to see. If any good comes out of this, Trump will be roundly humiliated and afraid to show his face in public again.

Even Shepard Smith speaking for Fox News basically says it's a non-story now. Here is a possible explanation for all of the conspiracy mindedness, and possibly some recommended reading.

BREAKING: President Obama has released his long-form certificate. You can be certain that the die-hard ninnies will insist that it is not the real one. They will want to see his KENYAN birth certificate. Good luck finding it.

It reminds me, I had a recent conversation with the Elbot, and he said something worth repeating. It was something like, "The more evidence there is, the less likely that humans will believe it." I don't know where that originally came from, but it does seem to explain a lot. So many people suffer from unshakable fallacies in their belief system, against all evidence to the contrary. Some people believe what they want to believe, and that's all there is to it.

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