Friday, January 07, 2011

The Segue of the Sciences

Still on the subject, I have noticed some tie-ins on the subjects of autism science and climate science.  Climate change is something we first heard about in the 1980s and most people took it as 'gospel'.  I am still inclined to believe that it is real, and that carbon emissions by Man are causing it.  And then there all of these accusations of widespread fraud and corruption among the scientific community, but they are mostly along partisan lines.  It should NOT be a partisan issue.  Either anthropomorphic climate change is real, or it is not.  And if it is not, then there IS widespread, longstanding fraud and corruption on a scale never seen before in the scientific community that dwarfs anything that Andrew Wakefield ever did.  There should be a number of people jailed for it, but the Wakefield case should be evidence on science's ability to correct itself.

At the moment though, the scientific establishment (note I did not say 'consensus') states that there IS AGW.  And please do not call me a liberal dupe, I do not consider myself to be all that liberal anymore, and I am not a huge fan of nature, I'm much more of a city person at heart, and I certainly never subscribed to the religion of 'Gaia', that is still very much an alien concept to me.  But if you want to engage me, I will be more than happy to entertain opinions and interpretations of scientific data that are at odds with mine.  You may ultimately convince me, but I will counter at first with what I find to be true.  I tend to dismiss conspiracy theories out of hand, like 'birthers' and 9/11 'truthers', but you had better be telling me what you really believe to be true, or I will make you sorry you did not.  Certain scientific points may be impossible to prove, but maybe some points can...

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Snodge Kat said...

Mr. Melvin:
Not all liberals are dupes, sir!
And nature is what sustains us, whether we live in the city or not. You can't have concrete without rock, water and quicklime.
Excellent post, nevertheless.

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