Friday, January 14, 2011

Much Ado 'For Nothing'

I remember when this song first came out in 1986, when it included the word 'faggot' (there, I said it) and was somewhat shocked by it.  I was even more shocked when I heard later versions on the radio when that passage was omitted, and was looking forward to hearing it for some reason and was disappointed.  I don't know whose idea it was back then, but it was ruled on Wednesday this week by the Atlantic Regional Panel of the Canada Broadcast Standards Council as unfit to play on the radio after a complaint by a professed lesbian, because she was "offended".

I'm sorry missy, but the word "faggot" (there, said it again, but did not address it directly to you) does not have the same history as the famous 'n' word (I'll say it, but not in public, certainly not within earshot of anyone of African descent).  I am finding more and more, as many other people are, that most calls for censorship are coming from the politically correct Left, not the Right, the Left.  The Left are getting offended a lot more these days than the Right to the point that they call for speech to be altered.  Quite the opposite was true not long ago, when people on the Right complained about content in music was offensive.  Most of those complaints get ridiculed today, and rightly so.  I'm hoping that the same complaints today get thrown into the "dustbin of history" and garner the same kind of ridicule.

Kudos to Q104 and their plan tonight to air 'Money for Nothing' unexpurgated for an hour tonight starting at 9pm AST.  Here is a link to Wierd Al Yankovic's video "I Wanna Be A Beverly Hillbilly" to lighten the mood, a near perfect fit to the song.

Addendum:  Apparently it's not a government-run tribunal, but an "industry group".  Still, this decision is for the birds.  Just one complaint for any reason is all it takes.

Addendum II:  Mark  Knopfler has an idea as to what to replace the offending word with.

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shaman47@pnw said...

very nice, i like brute honesty, it culls the animal inside us all. keep it up, check out a couple of my post, i think you'll like.

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