Thursday, January 06, 2011

Congratulations Roberto Alomar

Made it in by 90%, not bad.  I can still remember the hype surrounding the trade that brought him and Joe Carter to the Blue Jays.  It was one of the few instances where the hype was more than justified.  I can also remember sitting in Jerry's Pub while watching the ACLS in 1992 where Dennis Eckersley showed a lack of sportsmanship after striking out a Blue Jay and ending the inning.  It was in the next inning where Alomar hit a two-run home run off of Eckersley and turned that game, and likely the series, around.

Sadly, it may be a while before any more Blue Jays get in the Hall.  It's strange because they seemed to have had such depth of talent back then.  I wonder if Joe Carter has ever been considered.  He had some really good years with the Cleveland Indians before coming to Toronto.  He narrowly missed out on a 30/30 season (home runs/stolen bases) but apparently he had gotten robbed of a 30th home run that year by future teammate Devon White when he was with the Angels.  Someone should look into this.

I bought Alomar's rookie card with the Padres for $5 years ago, I wonder how much it will appreciate.

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