Thursday, December 30, 2010

R.I.P. Denis Dutton

I put the website he founded, Arts and Letters Daily, on all of my Firefox toolbars while I was still in university, and kept them there long after I stopped perusing that site (usually from the bottom so I could keep up).  Of course, I never could read through every link, but most of them were worthwhile reading.  Like everything else about matters related to this blog, I let that sort of thing fall by the wayside.

Professor Dutton recently lost his bout with prostate cancer, but according to the site that now runs it now , his work will go on.  The main page is the second one on the left side under 'Links'.  I have been something on a roll lately, and started reading items from that site once again.

To all Marxists, you might want to try re-reading Adam Smith, and start with his earlier work, which may give you a different perspective on his better known opus.  I know I intend to do so.

There was so much to admire about Winston Churchill, but yet words proved to be a double-edged sword.  (It's a review of a book that just came out about him.  I just read it last night, and it turns out that today you need a subscription to get in there.  If you're like me, and rather not throw your name and e-mail address around, I recommend, mum's the word).

And Theodore Dalrymple, who writes about high-level theft of intellectual property, does not seem to realize that he is almost a kindred spirit of Abbie Hoffman.

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