Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Title suggestions?

There are several running around my head right now. 'Looney in New York', 'Broadway Danny somethingorother', 'Looney in the City' etc. etc. Anyway, I'm writing this post from a place called 'Tasti D-Lite' on 9th Avenue, but it's costing me $11.50 American. I had breakfast at Junior's Restaurant, which was a bit expensive but I hardly ate anything yesterday. Also, I don't know if I have 'Net access at the Marriott where I'm staying, and I don't have a laptop of my own.

The trip itself was a bit of a strain, my flight left at 6:30 am my time, and we all had a severe earache for a few minutes during the flight, and it's effects have not worn off on me yet. Has that ever happened to anyone reading this?

It was probably not the best way to spend Earth Day, on a plane, but what can you do? Time and money are limited, hopefully the next post will me more substantial.

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