Saturday, March 29, 2008

Where are all the Marxists?

I seem to keep reading about them at university, but I don't see them in MSM. I'm not sure if the NDP could be considered a Marxist party. I hear about Marxist historians and Marxist critics, but I see very few people identify themselves as such. And when I say 'Marxist', I do not mean 'card-carrying communists'. Not all Marxists are communists, although it would be safe to say that all communists are Marxists.

And why would I start asking these questions now? Because we, particularly me, may have been under some misapprehension about the Dalai Lama dynasty in Tibet, and the recent attacks on him by China's ambassador to Canada may not have been entirely without merit. I still stand by my previous comments about China's government, but I've come to realize that Marxists have something important to say as well. What do you think?


marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

I've read that Tibetans are not allowed to marry other Tibetans to democide them out of existance they can only marry Chinese, Thus forcing them to all be Metis as it were.

Also Canada built the high altitude railway with liberal masterminds into Tibet so when troops are ferried there,... rest safe at night knowing bombardier helped with Canadian tax dollars.

Danny Melvin said...

I wouldn't put anything past the Chinese government, but it would seem more like a question of choosing the method of your death, by lion or by tiger.

Also I'm curious, who was in charge of building that railway, the Canadian government or Bombardier? Again, it's a distinction without a difference.

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