Monday, January 07, 2008

Now and Then

When I started writing this blog, my mindset was to share the things I learned online or at school, and do research as to why the United States under George W. Bush was doing the things that it was. I shared in the goodwill that just about everyone else was when 9/11 happened, then America seemed to squander the goodwill of most other people and countries in the world by launching a war in Iraq with so much bluster, fanfare, and self-aggrandizement, and like many people, I believed that the Americans would be locked into a war that they had no hope of winning or even leaving cleanly, and impoverishing themselves without helping themselves in the 'war on terror'.

Fast forward to the present, the Americans seem to be turning the corner in Iraq, George W. Bush is becoming less relevant or even talked about anymore, few people talk about globalization, and Western culture seems to be drifting, albeit at a glacial pace, to the right. Also, I'm seeing a huge decline in political blogs, mine included. Has world politics become so dull and complicated? Has everyone become more apathetic? Or just tired of all of the personal attacks and fiery rhetoric?
It's probably a bit of all of the above, but it does deem that the verbal attacks and overall toxic atmosphere of politics has lulled, but things have become less interesting. I almost miss the way it was in the earlier part of the decade, but it does seem to be time to do our own 'housecleaning', which is what we are supposed to do in a democracy. Less talk, more action, that's what we should be hoping for now.

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